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The Christian Comedy Network Partnership Program is designed to allow partnership between The Christian Comedy Network and local churches and organizations to help you raise funds for your ministry through our scheduled comedy events.  We believe that the church is a vital part of our community.  Without the necessary funds to keep the doors of the church open, we leave the community hopeless.  That is why we’ve put this program in place, to be a blessing to the body of Christ.


This program takes all the financial risk away from the church by selling tickets as a partnership fund-raiser at “our scheduled” comedy events.  You are not required to incur costs for entertainment or a venue.  All tickets sold by your church will result in a $5 or $10 partnership return to help your ministry depending on the amount of tickets sold by your church.  Tickets range between $25 to $50, your ministry retains between $5 or $10 as a partnership fund-raiser. See ticket sale breakdown on next page.  There are no up-front costs to partner with our organization.  A signed agreement that your church will participate in a partnership fund-raiser project, on the date that is assigned to your church is the only requirement.


We look forward to building ministry partnerships with your church. Contact us to be a part of our partnership program at 866-804-3378 ext 23 Thank you in advance for your support of The Christian Comedy Network!







Here is the ticket sale breakdown for the structured amount of funds your church will receive from our Church Partnership Program.  Sale 1 - 100 tickets.  Your church will receive $5 for each ticket sold from your ministry.  Sale 101 or more tickets.  Your church will receive $10 for each ticket sold from your ministry.  We will create a customized link for your church that will track all tickets sold by your ministry.  Simply put your link on your website or social media page to advertise by your entire church members and friends.


After the event is over, your church will receive a printout of the total ticket sold from your link.  Two weeks or less after the event is over, you will receive a check from The Christian Comedy Network in the total amount of tickets sold by your church.

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